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LUX∵A logo

LUX3A, stylized LUX∵A, is the umbrella term given to deluxe ThreeA figures that are larger in size, weight, or production scale in contrast to traditional figures of that toy line. LUX∵A can apply to a figure from any toy line across the ThreeA répertoire. The first LUX∵A figure released by ThreeA was the WWR Caesar release.

Ashley Wood explaining the term: "[LUX3A] is a label we are giving to our big highend bots an toys, these are highend things, not mass produced shit, all the large robots would have been under the label if I had had it. Caesar is a great start to the label, its fucking tops! well I dig it, but thats expected."

LUX3A releases

A list of LUX3A figures: