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Make-A-Wish Hong Kong is a charity that has been very close to ThreeA since the offices and Kim and staff are Hong Kong residents. A Zombot were auctioned off to fans via Ashley Wood's blog, and all proceeds went to Make a Wish HK. A second person was bidding so high for the figure that Ash decided to give him one as well, given that the proceeds of the winner's highest bid also went to the charity. The final amount and check was presented to Make a Wish HK live at the opening night of Hong Kong Venture (2009). The two auctioned Zombot figures were also signed and presented to the two winners in front of attendees.

From the Website

Make-A-Wish Hong Kong was founded in 1989, under the administration of Keswick Foundation. In 1998 it registered as a non-profit charity organisation in Hong Kong and became a member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation® International, which has its headquarters in USA. Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong was set up to grant one special wish to children in Hong Kong and Macau who are suffering from a serious or life threatening illness. By doing so, we hope to bring them joy and hope, and create wonderful memories for them and their parents.

All applications made to the Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong require referrals from doctors. We also keep in contact with nurses, medical care professionals and social workers of various hospitals and healthcare organisations, so that they can recommend our service to those children and parents in need.

For years, Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong has received tremendous support from different sectors of the society, which in turn has benefited many wish children and their families. Wishes range from the small, like a little toy, to the big, such as traveling abroad. Also popular are wishes for children to meet with their favourite idols. A lot of famous celebrities have helped us fulfill the wishes of the children by making time in their busy schedules. With the excitement of having their dream realised, many children became more joyful and are more optimistic in fighting their illnesses.

More information can be seen at the official website.

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