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Armstrong Lunar Defense

Armstrong is a lunar defense bot manufactured secretly by Rothchild for his own personal security. From Ashley Wood, they are some of the most advanced bots produced: "Armstrong is the smartest bot from Rothchild, it has independent goal based decision making routines, which is a first for any bot. just tell it what is needed and he will work out the rest." M.O.D. were reportedly able to steal some Armstrongs and modify them for their own purposes.

Armstrongs come in 2 "G" variations: 0G and 1G. The "G" designation refers to gravity, with 0G representing Luna gravity, and 1G representing Earth gravity. All WWR Armstrongs are made in the 0G variant with the exception of one announced 1G.

In WWRp scale, Armstrongs came in multiple colorways, leading some to believe that M.O.D. may have turned to selling the Armstrong bots to other divisions. This is purely speculation, though, as Ashley Wood hasn't announced how the various other Armstrong colorways came to exist yet. Four Retailer Exclusive veriants of Armstrong are also available in 1/12th scale.

Published Text from the Box

Rothchild Armstrong serial unknown;

Weight: unknown

Dimensions: unknown

Range: unknown

Armour: unknown

Armament: unknown

Powerplant: unknown

Armstrong is still an enigma, only glimpsed in blurry combat footage and never officially acknowledged by Rothchild. The name Armstrong Lunar Defence only appeared once on a manifest incorrectly transmitted from Rothchild's lunar facility, thus Armstrong is the assumed name for this bot. All persons who have seen this manifest have consequently disappeared or have met an untimely death.

Information will be updated when possible.

WWR Colorways

A list of colorways available for WWR Armstrongs (0G):

A list of colorways announced for WWR Armstrongs (1G):

WWRp Colorways

A list of colorways available for WWRp Armstrongs (0G):

A list of colorways available for WWRp Armstrongs (1G):

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