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Barguest de Plume, the second fallen, was the first aggressive NOM member who taught NOM how to fight. According to Ash, Barguest thinks Kuan ti Plume is soft. In addition to the standard colorway, an alternate "ghost" version of Barguest is also available as the 3AA Exclusive Fantôme de Plume.

ThreeA will be retiring the de Plume mould after the production of Barguest de Plume and Fantôme de Plume, which renders them the last of the WWR scale de Plume figures.

From the Adverts

I looked to the left path and found it wanting I looked to the right path and found it wanting I am without path, truly free

My Childern Suffer, yet none heed their cry
My tears are fuel with no end
My actions harsh but just
My gift and curse are yours
My legacy, freedom

Barguest saw the reflection of NOM, distorted, splintered and wrong.
Barguest the last of the Fallen, but first to see a new path, balance
was found wanting. Barguest the start of the end.

The last three lines of this are also printed on the box.

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