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Bleak Mission promo

Bleak Mission is Tommy Mission's father and, along with Fighting JC is co-founder of the Adventure Kartel. Although Bleak Mission is associated with the Adventure Kartel since he is known to help Tommy on occasion, he is no longer a member of the team himself. Some descriptions of Bleak by Ash, and the story in AK Primer both suggest that Bleak Mission has gone missing and that Tommy Mission and Fighting JC are searching for him.

Bleak Mission was available for pre-order on December 22nd, 09:00HKT. The figure comes with his canine buddy, Custard the Satanic Labrador, belt, jacket, revolver, and cigar.

Bleak Mission credits himself for naming the Adventure Kartel "something less gay."

Text from the Bleak Mission advert

Bleak Mission advert

Adventure stood defiantly in a short black dress, her jungles and for- gotten temples swollen and ripe for discovery. I looked her square in the eyes and barked, "Adventure, you can suck my dick!" The rest is history, as they say.

Bleak Mission
Eye of Ra Elementary school commencement speech, 1992.

Variants of Bleak Mission

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