Daywatch Nightwatch N.O.M. Commanders

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Daywatch Nightwatch Commanders - Photo from: ThreeA Production Blog

Daywatch Nightwatch Commanders was a Bambaland release that occurred on January 27th, 2011 9AM Hong-Kong time. Both models are from the the WWR Universe, in the 1/6th (WWR) scale.

Unlike previous Nightwatch and Daywatch colorways, the Daywatch & Nightwatch Commanders are weathered and dirty. Ashley Wood noted that these Commanders have nothing to do with the clean Nightwatch and Daywatch.

In addition to the two Commanders, there was a surprise limited drop of the NOM Nightwatch Heavy Bramble along with a very limited number of 2 Hand Popbot.


Nightwatch Commander:
Product Code: 20111
List Price: $120

Daywatch Commander:
Product Code: 20112
List Price: $120