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WWR Heavy Bramble Mk 3 - Photo by toysrevil.net

Heavy Bramble Mk 2.5 (or Heavy Bramble for short) is a variation of the Bramble Mk 2 in the World War Robot Universe. Heavy has significantly larger arms than Bramble Mk 2 in order to handle its very large RPG.

Heavy Bramble Mk 2.5 was released on August 12th through Bambaland. The final Mark of the bot has is incorrectly labeled Mk 3 on the box, and the P.O.R.N.S.T.A.R RPG has been renamed as the Aunty Jack 4 Way RPD.


Text from the 3A Newsletter

Large Martin was a major success for Rothchild, its ability to bring down sustained, very accurate death was lauded. BUT the price of a Large Martin unit, made it not so attractive to some factions. Rothchild never wanting to let a potential market be wasted, devised an upgrade scheme for the Bramble MK2. With an arm, head and engine upgrade, the newly christened Bramble MK2.5 Heavy was able to wield the P.O.R.N.S.T.A.R RPG, the first AI driven weapon introduced to the theatre of war. This combination of budget upgrade and leary RPG made the MK2.5 a popular addition to all forces.

Printed Text from the Box


Weight: 3,200kg
Dimensions: height 2.7m; width 2.2m
Range: 450km
Armor:120mm; plates 130mm
Power plant: Brink twin diesel Mk2, 900hp

Bramble Mk2 was a major success for Rothchild and the forces that
used it, but a call to ENLARGE its fire-power did not fall on deaf ears
at Rothchild.

A larger engine, upgraded head array, and greatly enhanced arms
almost make the MK3 a new bot, andd the Aunty Jack 4 Way RPD and
you have what many have called the best all-rounder bot available
from Rothchild. Though not able to deliver the continued heavy
barrage of Large Martin, the MK3 easily counters this with greater
mobility, speed and the ability to handle other weapons and tasks
without further modification.

WWR Heavy Bramble Mk 2.5 Colorways

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WWRp Heavy Bramble Mk 2.5 Colorways

WWRp Heavy Bramble Mk 3 prototype from the 3A Legion Outpost

A list of colorways released or announced for WWRp Heavy Bramble Mk 2.5

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