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3A 讨论区

3A讨论区 (traditional Chinese: 3A討論區; Pinyin: 3A tǎolùn qū; Jyutping: 3A tou2 leon6 keoi1; English: 3A Forum) is the Chinese language Official 3A Forums. This official name is written in Standard Chinese.

3A讨论区 is an extension of Bambasia that was opened to the public on September 1st, 2010. The concept behind these forums are to offer the Chinese speaking fanbase the same opportunity that the English speaking fanbase has at 3A Forums. After Beijing Gathering (2010), it was brought to Kim's attention that some Chinese fans were finding it very difficult to purchase figures on Bambaland and were either uncomfortable or incapable of joining the 3A Forums community in the way that they desired. Difficulties using PayPal in China also influenced the choice to open these forums as well as Bambasia.

Indeed, there has already been a Taiwan based, fan-made forums dedicated to this purpose entitled 一起玩3A (Let's Play 3A), but we can only presume that Kim found it more desirable to include an Official Chinese Language 3A Forums in the Bambasia project.

Bambasia Forums is now closed in favour of the Bambasia Blog.

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