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WWR Bertie MK 1 Squad
Desert Rat Bertie the Pipebomb

Bertie the Pipebomb (now, more widely known as Bertie Mk 1) was the first bot released from in the World War Robot series, but it is not an official threeA figure. Bertie Mk1 was produced by a cooperation between 7174, Bigshot Toyworks, and Threezero. It was the production of this toy that lead to the friendship of Ash and Kim and, therefore, the conception of threeA Toys.

The Bertie robot design has also seen release in the Mk 2 and Mk 3 designations.

Printed Text from the Box

Rothchild Bertie MK1;

Rothchild Munitions Division (R.M.D.), The Lt. Andy story (Desert Combat Bertie).

Against all odds Rothchild Bertie model Lt. Andy (11th division) together with his experimental T.I upgrade (Task based Intellect), repelled and overthrew a Lunar Land SQUID division that was in the process of attacking a pivotal research base located in Tanga, North Africa. Rothchild developed robots are now experiencing a shifting state of self evolution as their task based intellect (T.I) slowly mutates and is developing a burgeoning sense of reason. It was thought that a shift from the traditional A.I programming of robots to T.I systems would rid the program language of the ability to evolve toward chaotic thought processes. Instead it was thought that T.I would provide a more task based, motivational kernel.

It is now believed as memory components are increased, the increased memory capacity is able to determine outcomes based on fluid prevalent criteria, not rigid predetermined data. Engineers predict that the shift towards reason and away from data usage is being caused by A.E (Artificial Evolvement) sub routines that exist in the elegant frag (E.F) low level language.

WWR Bertie the Pipebomb Colorways

A list of colorways released WWR Bertie the Pipebomb:

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