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Grunt promotional image

Grunts are the lowest ranking Terran soldier in the World War Robot Universe. They are described as having very little training for the battlefield and being the "pawns" in the Terran's war. The Grunts are young soldiers who are enlisted as servants for the religious purpose and are given very little investment in training.


Terminology Confusion

The term "Grunt" is often mistaken as an umbrella term for all low-ranking soldiers in the Great War, but Ash has made it clear that Grunts are Terran-specific. The closest Martian version of Grunts would be the Reds but, conversely, Reds are actually trained for combat.

Release Information

The Grunt figures will find many different releases over the years, much similar to the Adventure Kartel Boiler Zomb or the Popbot Tomorrow Kings.

Retail Price: $120 (single), $430 (4 Pack)

Grunt Colorways


First blurry teaser of the Grunt helmet and mask
Second blurry teaser
Third blurry teaser
bonus poster
slipcase packaging
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