Heavy Tomorrow Kings

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Heavy Tomorrow King.

Heavy Tomorrow Kings are a variant of the Tomorrow Kings characters that come with RPG's, Utility belts, Long Pants, and Backpacks. Released by ThreeA under the Popbot toy line.

Kato is the standard release and Nasu is the 3AA Exclusive release; both of these figures were released exclusively on Bambaland. Soh is a Retailer exclusive.

Official Text

Disdained, outcast, ridiculed, mocked, called nancy boys and generally not invited to parties, Heavy TK's are the outcasts of an already outcast group, foregoing traditional weapons for big guns, they walk alone, masters of the boom.

Heavy Tomorrow Kings

A list of Heavy TKs released as figures:

Heavy Tomorrow King Pack.
Heavy Tomorrow King Poster.
Designer Toys, Urban Vinyl Toys, threeA Toys
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