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2000 AD's Tharg, released by threeA in April, 2010

Showcase is the name of the line of toys where threeA releases properties and characters that aren't owned by threeA, but by artists and companies which threeA is making toys with. This also includes toys by threeA that are designed by Ashley Wood that don't fit into any of the full toy lines (i.e. Bambaboss). It is important to understand that the Showcase subdivision is not a licensing sanction, but a cooperation between artists/creators.

Some artists / creators / properties that are involved in the Showcase line include Kenny Wong, Mark Landwehr of Coarsetoys, 2000 AD and Bandai.

List of Showcase Partners

A list of properties, artists & creators involved in Showcase and their official websites:

Designer Toys, Urban Vinyl Toys, threeA Toys
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